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oiseau du soleil [entries|friends|calendar]
Taylor Bates

I sleep on my back 'cause it's good for the spine and coffin rehearsal. I know a psychic who reads her own palms and the findings are personal. She keeps her fists shut tight and she sleeps on her side, well maybe she knows something I don't know.

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New [Sat 1 Nov / 8:12pm]
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I want this election to be over. [Fri 31 Oct / 10:53pm]
Regardless of what happens, I'm glad I'm not an impressionable idiot. I'm glad that I DO form my own opinions through research, facts, and consistency, and not the conversations floating around central Florida dive bars. I'm proud that I'm not someone so ill-informed to claim "Feminist" while not realizing that Feminism applies MAINLY to equality for women and PROTECTION of their REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. Feminism is NOT manhating, otherwise you would be a Feminist. I'm glad that I'm not someone so hateful that I am against WELFARE, when most of its candidates are single mothers who work AT LEAST one job. I'm glad that I know I wouldn't denounce these mothers, especially if MY mom would be on welfare instead of staying home and getting drunk all the time had she not married someone with a stable income who is never there. I'm glad I don't try to bitch about taxes while being unemployed and 18, clearly not paying income tax, and even if said person were employed, they still would make less than $250,000 and would NOT have any tax increase in an Obama/Biden administration. I'm glad that I'm not so STUPID that I think there is a difference between the "CHRISTIAN GOD" and the Jewish God and Islamic God. They're all the same God, but the DIFFERENCES IN THE RELIGION (NOT THE GOD) is the Prophet/Messiah aspect. Christians believe Jesus was a prophet and the messiah, Jews believe the messiah has yet to come, and Muslims regard Muhammad as God's last prophet. There's some information for you, seeing how you have none. I'm glad I don't denounce abortion and call it "baby killing" (even though more than 90% of abortions happen within the first 6 weeks, which is termination of an early, barely fetal pregnancy, not "baby killing".. check your Planned Parenthood statistics) when I've had sex therefore could have gotten pregnant, but didn't by chance. Rather hypocritical, huh? I'm glad I don't think it's within MY jurisdiction to make decisions like that for anyone else when I haven't even had to face it myself. I'm glad I'm not some idiot who is anti-abortion, but anti-welfare for all the would-be mothers incapable of supporting children otherwise. Had you gotten pregnant, your own ass would be on welfare if you didn't have an abortion. I'm happy I don't try to do the pretentious hippie revivalist/Pro-Peace thing, but support "the war on terror". I SUPPORT THE TROOPS, not the war. I've met NUMEROUS young veterans in college, and my dad is a veteran as well. I've only gotten ONE person to even VAGUELY discuss their horrible experience there. The "war on terrorism" which has turned up NO weapons of mass destruction and NO Osama Bin Laden is just as dead-end as the Vietnam "war on Communism" your beloved McCain fought in. I SUPPORT THE TROOPS and I'm friends and family with MANY of them before you pass your judgement. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE WAR, just the TROOPS, and I'm part of the like-minded MAJORITY. I WOULD NOT FIGHT IN A WAR I DO NOT SUPPORT, but if you're so "pro-war on terror", maybe you should put that shit sandwich where your slanderous mouth is and join the service. I'm glad I don't try to martyr James David Manning, who denounced the African Americans who support Obama but not Hillary, where if he had any sense, he'd realize that people don't like Hillary Clinton because she has her own fucked up agenda, views differing from Obama's, premature plans, and has been bought off/given hush money several times.

It's funny that the same person who thinks it's wrong for Jeremiah Wright to think white people are racist is racist towards black people themselves, as has been displayed numerous times. No, I don't think that Jeremiah Wright is CORRECT in some of his views, and I think the "US GOVERNMENT CREATED HIV TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE" thing is RADICAL, to say the least. I'm not in agreement. But do I agree with him that black people encounter racism constantly in this country. But Obama doesn't play the race card ever, and he's just as much CAUCASIAN as he as KENYAN, and he's not a fucking black supremacist.

One more thing to touch on:
My Nana never had a birth certificate. Numerous others haven't. Obama is a US Citizen. He has a social security number. I guess you've never filled out a college application, but to go to Harvard Law School, Columbia University, and Occidental College, he would have to disclose whether or not he was a US Citizen with documentation/social security number, and otherwise have information from the country he lived in/is from. You can't sneak that by. If he weren't a US Citizen, it would've been noted while attending college. And aside from that, do you think someone with unclear US Citizenship would make it to the US Senate?

Please, gain some common sense.
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[Tue 28 Oct / 7:46pm]

I'm increasingly more unhappy every day.
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